Dear Colleague,

We are contacting you to kindly ask whether you would be interested in
giving a series of 3 to 4 lectures in a school on "Theory and Technology in
Quantum Information" te be held at Abdus Salam ICTP (Trieste) from 12 to 16
June 2006. This school is an important part of a European Programme for
developping a Master Curriculum in "Quantum Information, Communication,
Cryptography, and Computing". We have outlined a frame for such a programme
and the aim of the school is to test the consistency and feasibility of this
programme on a rather mixed audience of 30 to 40 graduate students ranging from
informatics to engineering, mathematics and physics.

We thought of the following topics:
 Algebraic Tools 
 Quantum Mechanics 
 Quantum Statistical Mechanics 
 Classical Information Theory 
 Quantum Information
 Quantum Cryptography 
 Experimental Implementations 
to be presented in an accessible and as much integrated as possible way. We
think rather of lectures than seminars with motivating and illustrating examples
relevant for the general subject. An important aim is also to provide the
community with a set of consistent introductory lecture notes. So we shall
ask you to provide a set of lecture notes not exceeding 25 pages.

The school will be followed by a one week research conference on quantum
information processing from June 19 to 23. Another aim of the school is that
a number of the students may be able to profit from the conference. You are of course
also kindly invited to participate.

The school is sponsored by a European Erasmus Programme which will cover
your travel and living expenses as a lecturer, while the conference will be supported
by the ICTP. All the facilities of the ICTP will be available to students,
lecturers and speakers for the entire event. 

In this context, we tought of you as a very suitable candidate to lecture on
!!! ... !!!. 
We made a rough tentative "table of contents" for each of these subjects.
This is of course still open for suggestions and improvements and is just a
frame to be filled out by the lecturers. We only include it in this message
in order to facilitate the integration of the various topics.

Algebraic Tools 
 orthogonal spaces, complex matrices 
 eigenvalues, singular values, Jordan decomposition
 direct sums, tensor products, Schmidt decomposition
 states and discrete probability
 pure and mixed states, purification

Quantum Mechanics 
 quantum vs classical phenomena (Ising spin vs spin 1/2)
 description of isolated systems, mean values, probabilities, dynamics,
 measurements, von Neumann entropy 
 multi-partite systems and partial operations
 positivity, complete positivity, unitary dilations

Quantum Statistical Mechanics 
 quantum statistical systems 
 spin chains 
 Fermions and Bosons, coherent states
 entropic tools
 equilibrium states, KMS
Classical Information Theory 
 sources and channels
 stochastic processes, Bernoulli and Markov processes
 entropy, relative entropy
 information, conditional information, mutual information
 codes and noiseless compression 
 noisy channels, capacity 

 Bell's states, dense coding, quantum teleportation
 witnessing entanglement: Bell's inequalities, positive maps
 measuring entanglement, distillation and formation of mixed entanglement  

Quantum Information
 quantum stochastic processes
 quantum noiseless compression
 quantum capacities and additivity questions

Quantum Cryptography 
 probabilistic classical cryptography (Vernam's code; estimate of its average
 deciphering time)
 classical solution of the key distribution problem (RSA algorithm)
 no cloning theorem
 quantum solution of the key distribution problem (BB84, BB92, EPR

Experimental Implementations 
 state reconstruction, quantum tomography
 quantum optics
 Mach-Zender interferometer 
 beam splitters, squeezers, parametric down conversion
 atom interferometers
 Bose-Einstein condensates

Looking forward to a positive reaction we remain at your disposal for
further information and clarification. As the ICTP will soon prepare a poster
mentioning school lecturers and possibly conference speakers we would very
much appreciate a rapid response.  

Yours sincerely,